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Fat and blood resistant Water Shoe with a 35% nitrile rubber sole and NON Slip CLAW sole.


Description: Acid, Blood & Fat resistant. Slip on gumboot. Identification: White shaft with Grey or Red Sole. Red Claw Branding Sizes: Unisex 5 – 12 NON Steel toe or 5-12 Steel Toe Cap Uses: Food industry, agriculture and wet enviroments.

Quality Guarantee

CLAW boots Meets IMI quality standards

SABS Approved

CLAW – TRACTION CONTROL Technology The CLAW tread is made up of “saw teeth” running forward and backwards Increases the surface area and ensures the best possible traction on all terrains.

“CLAW the safest boot for sure” For more resistants specification go to the chemical resistants table


  • Important: Claw water shoes/slip ons fit the foot exactly like a pair of shoes. Example, if you normally wear a 4, our size 4 will fit perfectly.
  • The nitrile decreases acid attack and ensures longer sole life in blood fat and acid conditions.
  • Thicker sole ensures better wear and reduces stud pressure.
  • Tough and rugged yet stylish branding.
  • Reinforced, thickened toe for greater personal protection.
  • Fits your foot just like a shoe.
  • Completely washable.
  • “TOES FREE” System Movement of toes inside boot creates a bellows effect pumping hot air out and sucking in cold.
  • Soft padded thermal sock gives sumptuous comfort and reduces temperature transfer through the sole by 4 degrees C.
  • Profile claw for climbing.


White PVC shaft, Red or Grey Nitrile sole

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