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General purpose ankle boot with elsticised sides and soft toe.


Description: General purpose ankle boot with elsticised sides and soft toe.
Identification: Black shaft with black sole.Black tab and CLAW branding.
Sizes: Unisex 4 – 12
Uses: Ideal for environments with wet conditions.

Quality Guarantee

CLAW boots Meets IMI quality standards

SABS Approved

CLAW – TRACTION CONTROL Technology The CLAW tread is made up of “saw teeth” running forward and backwards Increases the surface area and ensures the best possible traction on all terrains.

“CLAW the safest boot for sure”
For more resistants specification go to the chemical resistants table


  • Tough, rugged yet stylish.
  • The CLAW Sole is ergonomically designed to disperse body weight eliminating stud pressure and foot fatigue maximizes comfort leading to increased productivity.
  • CLAW “TOES FREE” System .The continues movement of the toes inside the front of the boot creates a bellows effect pumping out hot air and taking in cool which reduces bacterial propagation.
  • Profile CLAW positioned on the instep is designed to assist in climbing.
  • Dual density PVC creates a shock absorbent layer.
  • Designed to fit like a shoe, minimizing foot and ankle movement inside the boot. The increased foot stability, allows the boot to “Track” the wearers foot. affording greater agility while reducing “slip and falls” and “ankle twists” rubber co-polymers in both sole and shaft, retards acid and chemical attack while increasing the boots life.



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