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Leather ankle boot with elasticised side. Steel toe cap and a double density Polyurethane-Rubber sole.


Description: Leather ankle boot with a steel toe cap and elasticised sides. Dual density polyurethane rubber sole. Lace free.
Identification: Black or Brown leather ankle boot with black gusset and sole. CLAW branding on the front and back tabs.
Sizes: From 5 – 13
Uses: Footwear that is suitable for the mining industry and general safety


Upper: High quality leather (1.8mm – 2mm)
Lining: Non woven fabric
Insock: Shock absorbent moulded EVA insock laminated to an absorbent polyamide fabric
Sole: Double density PU, PU anti-static, chemical and slip resistant polyurethane


  • Light Weight
  • Tough and rugged, yet stylish
  • Steel toe cap (200 joules) increasing personal protection
  • Oil and chemical resistant
  • The PU Sole creates a shock absorbent layer increasing comfort

Quality Guarantee

Claw Safety Boots is manufactured to meet IMI International quality standards and EN20345-2004 SB standards
For more resistance specification go to the chemical resistance table

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